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Fence Installation


Any landscape design adds a touch of splendor to any property. However, landscapes require a lot of maintenance in order to upkeep the life of the design. Especially when it comes to daily watering, the abundant use of this utility can certainly break the bank. Luckily, Sustainable Landscape Management can provide a solution to save you money and water while still being able to enjoy the beauty of a quality landscape.

Xeriscaping, also known as drought tolerant gardening, is an alternative form of landscaping and traditional gardening. This form of gardening reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Especially for dryer areas, xeriscaping is a great way to conserve water while enjoying a beautiful landscape. When you work with Sustainable Landscape Management, we can bring your landscape design to life. Whether you’re looking for low to no maintenance or to conserve, our landscaper can make it happen! When we install landscapes, we prioritize drought tolerant garden designs and Bay Area native plants in order to promote sustainable gardens. Our drought tolerant gardens have beautified properties all over the El Cerrito, CA area and we continue to expand! We have the skills and techniques to bring the most out of your property.

Proudly serving the El Cerrito, CA area, try out xeriscaping today! When you want a more effective irrigation service in dry weather or beautiful landscape services like our tree pruning service, you can trust Sustainable Landscape Management for it all.